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Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of Hallberg Law, P.A. to improve the lives of our clients by obtaining just and fair compensation for their injuries by discerning and telling their stories with compassion and integrity. We provide expert, specialized legal representation in the personal injury and medical negligence law.

Practice Commitments

IMPROVE THE LIVES of our clients by obtaining just compensation for their injuries by discerning and telling their stories and providing expert, specialized legal representation in the areas of personal injury and medical negligence law.

  • We believe that a personal injury attorney must have the ability to understand what happened to the client and to tell the client’s story in a way that will compel the listener to act (award or pay fair compensation).
  • Our specialty of medical malpractice law requires competence in medicine, substantive law, procedural law and communication. We will strive to pursue continuing education in these areas to fully represent our clients as medical and legal practices advance.

SUPPORT and advance the efficient administration of justice by providing timely and ethical legal representation and participating in activities and associations that encourage this goal.

  • We will carefully screen and investigate potential claims with the intent of pursuing only those cases that have merit.
  • We will strive to investigate claims quickly and handle cases promptly.
  • We will be honest and forthright in our dealings with our clients and our opponents.
  • We will participate in bar association activities to support these goals.

CONTRIBUTE to the well-being of our community by encouraging the involvement of the firm and our employees in charitable activities.

  • We will encourage and support our employees in volunteering for charitable activities of their choice.
  • We will identify specific charitable causes to support at the firm level.

PROVIDE our professional staff with opportunities for professional growth through a collegial environment and professional education.

  • We will have regular staff meetings to review work on client matters and to discuss effective methods of representation.
  • We will strive to honestly review client matters so that we can better serve our clients’ needs.
  • We will strive to handle cases using a team approach. We acknowledge that although our job duties are different, our goal of thorough representation of our clients is the same.
  • We will encourage attendance at relevant CLE and other educational programs at all job levels and to share the information learned at those programs.

OPERATE the firm in a fiscally sound manner.

  • We will screen cases carefully and maintain a workable caseload.
  • We will act prudently to maintain control over expenses.
  • We will provide our employees with competitive compensation and benefits.

MAINTAIN a respectful, professional and enjoyable work environment for all employees of the firm.

  • All employees will be treated in a courteous manner.
  • All employees will strive to conduct internal and external communications in a positive manner.
  • All employees will receive regular constructive feedback.

PROVIDE learning opportunities for law students and new lawyers who wish to practice in the areas of personal injury and medical negligence litigation.

  • We will participate in legal education activities such as teaching at the William Mitchell College of Law.
  • We will provide internship and employment opportunities for law clerks and lawyers interested in personal injury and medical negligence litigation.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Case

If you suffered from a serious accident or medical negligence, you deserve to have a strong advocate on your side. Call Hallberg Law, P.A. at 651-255-6810 to schedule an initial case consultation. You may also contact our Saint Paul office online. We represent clients throughout Minnesota.