People expect their health care provider to be proactive in making a diagnosis and providing treatment to their symptoms. They expect their doctor to give customized medical advice and thorough follow-up care. However, there are undoubtedly times when doctors succumb to human error and ultimately put the lives of their patients at risk. Preventing unnecessary injuries from happening to people in Minnesota is a task that requires patients to be actively involved in their medical care and health care providers to be committed to protecting their patients.

For one woman in Texas, a spinal surgery went awry when her doctor allegedly misplaced four screws during the surgical procedure that left the woman suffering numbness and severe pain in her spine. During follow-up visits where x-rays were processed after the woman complained, the doctor ignored visible signs that there was debris around the woman’s spine. He also reported that she was recovering the right way and was regaining her strength and mobility as anticipated. Even though the woman was still experiencing suspicious pain, the doctor continued to falsify reports regarding her recovery.

The woman is seeking nearly $1 million to compensate for emotional trauma and damages. Records show that her doctor also has four other lawsuits filed against him in the past. In each case, he denied any wrongdoing and said that he did not make any mistakes.

If people have been injured because their doctor made a mistake, they may wish to contact an attorney. A legal professional may be able to help gather evidence and create a timeline that illustrates how the doctor’s actions subsequently led to the patient’s injuries.

Source:, “North Texas doctor misplaced 4 screws in woman’s spine and lied about it, lawsuit says,” Kaley Johnson, May 10, 2019