When you feel something is wrong with your body or you are in pain, you may seek treatment from a medical doctor or health care professional in Minnesota. There are times you may not like the results you see, or you may not feel as if the doctor is taking your concerns seriously. In this case, you may benefit from seeking a second or even third opinion. You have a right to feel confident in your doctor, your diagnosis and your treatment plan.

Some fear to ask for a second opinion at the risk of offending their doctor. According to the American Cancer Society, there are several questions you can ask your doctor to get the conversation started:

  • Can you recommend someone if I decide to get a second opinion?
  • I would like to get a second opinion to make sure all the bases are covered before we begin treatment, can you help me with that?
  • If you were diagnosed with this type of cancer, is there someone specific you would see for a second opinion?

People want to get a second opinion for many different reasons. Some have a hard time understanding what their doctor is saying because the communication styles are extremely different. Others have heard of new treatments or want to see someone who specializes in their condition. If you have an unusual or rare diagnosis or your doctor cannot determine what is wrong with you, you may benefit from seeking a second opinion.

Even if your health problem is serious, you have the right to feel comfortable with your treatment plan. If this involves speaking to another physician, your insurance company can help guide you to the doctors they will pay for. You will want to have a copy of your medical records and a summary of your current treatment plan when meeting with a new doctor.

This information is intended for educational purposes and should not be interpreted as legal advice.