Many Minnesota residents may feel safe inside their homes. However, it is easy to trip or slip at home and these accidents can sometimes result in injuries. It is important to know how to prevent these incidents from occurring so people can keep their families safe.

 One place where people may expect to fall is the bathroom. WebMD says people can prevent falls in this room by making sure they put grab bars in the bathtub and the shower. They may also want to install these bars near the toilet so older guests can get up easily. Many families may already put non-skid mats on bathroom floors. However, they may not think to put these mats down in other areas of their home. It is a good idea to put non-skid mats in front of the kitchen sink as well so no one slips if dishwater ends up on the floor. Additionally, some families may want to put one of these mats underneath rugs so the rug does not bunch up and become a tripping hazard.

Sometimes people may fall at home because there is not enough light for them to see. According to Family Handyman magazine, it is a good idea to put nightlights along staircases and hallways so people can see at night. Some families may also want to put lights along outdoor walkways and porch steps so they do not fall when they are outside after dark. Additionally, it is easy for people to fall when there is a lot of clutter. People should typically make sure they do not leave objects on the staircase. However, it is also recommended that families do not leave toys or magazines lying around on any floor because someone may trip if he or she does not see these items.

Many people may think they will not fall if they use a stepstool to reach objects on upper shelves. However, it is important to use stepstools the right way. Families should generally make sure their stool has a handrail, as well as non-skid steps. Additionally, people should typically position the stool on a flat surface.