While you may not be a radiologist working in Minnesota, you could rely on one for medical care. If so, you should know that radiologists are just as susceptible to errors as any other medical professional.

Radiology Business breaks down a few ways in which radiologists can lower the chance of making avoidable errors. Learn what questions you may want to ask during future medical appointments to ensure you receive great care.

Using organized checklists and reporting strategies

With properly organized reports and checklists, radiologists do not have to worry as much about missing essential details. Lists and reports can touch on commonly overlooked findings, acting as a review of medical basics that radiologists may have forgotten about.

Understanding how a radiologist’s mind works

There are reasons that radiologists make mistakes. Understanding the thought and decision-making processes that lead to those oversights helps unravel them. By reflecting on their path of reasoning, radiologists can better understand where they went wrong.

Providing more details

Diving deeper into reports and supplying more in-depth details and information can also lower errors. Using electronic medical records and computer systems can help improve overall efficiency.

Sharing quality improvement strategies

It is a good idea for departments to hold meetings focused on ways to boost overall quality within an entire team. During such meetings, it is best to concentrate more on solutions rather than mistakes.

Taking frequent breaks

Radiologists working in reading rooms should be sure to take frequent breaks. Doing so reduces the chances of professionals becoming fatigued, which can easily lead to avoidable errors.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.