Giving birth to your child should be a happy moment, but sometimes, something goes wrong in the delivery room. In many cases, there are indications that a birth injury could occur. Your doctor should take steps to assess the risks and minimize them in the best way possible. However, other times, it is impossible until you get into the delivery room to know a risk exists. IN any case, finding out your baby is the victim of a birth injury in Minnesota is upsetting and can ruin the happy day.

Stanford Children’s Health explains there are some specific risk factors that indicate your baby may be at risk for a birth injury. Ideally, your doctor will discuss known risks with you to make a plan for how to overcome and avoid an injury to you or your baby. Risks that are usually evident before you go into labor include a breech position of the baby and a baby that is large.

If you are overweight, this also increases the risks. As does having a narrow pelvis or birth canal. Both of these are things your doctor should already know before you get into the delivery room. In addition, if you have a planned cesarean, this increases the risks of birth injuries.

Some things are not apparent until you are in the delivery room. This includes the length of your labor. If you are in labor for a very long time or if you are suffering difficulties during labor, this can increase birth injury risks. Also, if the doctor needs to use forceps or a vacuum, it can create a more likely scenario for an injury. This information is for education and is not legal advice.