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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Lawsuits

Use the questions and answers below to learn some basic information about filing a personal injury claim. However, we encourage you to contact Hallberg Law, P.A. to discuss the particulars of your case with our experienced legal team. Each case is different and must be evaluated on an individual basis.

How Do I Know If I Have A Legal Claim?

Generally, you can pursue compensation if another party’s negligence harms your health. If your company or business is harmed by the actions of another, you may have the right to seek damages.

However, each case is different and depends on a variety of complex factors. If you were injured and think you may have a claim, you should schedule a consultation with our experienced attorneys. We will explain whether it is in your best interests to file a medical malpractice or personal injury claim.

How Do The Statutes Of Limitations Affect My Case?

All personal injury claims must be filed within a certain amount of time from the date of your accident. If you fail to file your claim within this window, you may forfeit your ability to pursue compensation.

Our legal team can tell you how long you have to file your claim given your situation and advise you on how to respond accordingly. However, we recommend filing your claim as soon as possible after your initial accident.

Will My Compensation Outweigh The Costs Of A Lawsuit?

Not always. Lawsuits can take a substantial amount of time and resources. Unless you can recover substantial compensation, it may not be in your best interests to file a claim.

At Hallberg Law, P.A., we put your interests first. We will carefully advise you as to whether or not you would be better off filing your claim

Will I Have To Go To Court?

It depends on the case. Many cases settle outside of the courtroom, but others may require litigation to pursue the best possible case results. A settlement can be offered at any time, even once you proceed to trial. However, we will thoroughly prepare your case as though we will have to protect your interests in court.

What Are Your Firm’s Fees?

We handle all cases on a contingency fee basis. As in all contingency fee situations, you would only pay us if we successfully recover compensation on your behalf.

Bar regulations require that you pay any litigation expenses. Our firm would advance these costs, but they would be recouped from your eventual recovery.

If Another Lawyer Referred Me To Your Firm, Do I Have To Pay Additional Lawyers’ Fees?

No. Referral fees are directly taken from our attorney fees. It will not affect your compensation in any way.

How Long Does A Personal Injury Case Take To Resolve?

Each case is different; however, most are completed within 15 months from filing the claim in court. It can take longer if there is an appeal or other delays.

Will You Take My Case?

Unfortunately, our team cannot accept every case that comes in our doors. We only accept cases that we believe we can win. We will carefully evaluate your case to determine whether we can represent you. While some decisions are quickly made, others require additional research. We will provide you with a response as soon as possible.

How Much Is My Case Worth?

At Hallberg Law, P.A., our attorneys have significant experience in evaluating potential claims. We can provide an honest evaluation of your claim and general guidelines from similar cases. Many factors go into evaluating a case’s value. Each situation is different, and it is impossible to provide a specific dollar figure for any claim. Additionally, we cannot guarantee compensation for your case or a certain amount of compensation.

Depending upon your situation, we may pursue damages for economic and non-economic factors. All stem from emotional, financial and physical losses that resulted from your accident.

Contact Us To Schedule A Case Consultation

Call our office at 651-255-6810 to schedule an initial case consultation at our Saint Paul office. You may also contact our capable team online. We encourage you to ask any and all questions that you may have about your potential claim.