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Demanding Accountability For Radiology Errors

Frequently, doctors rely on the results from imaging technology such as computed tomography (CT) scans, X-ray machines and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines to make crucial treatment decisions. Other medical professionals depend on radiologists to execute the desired scans and accurately interpret the results.

Unfortunately, radiologists may lack adequate information, or they may not devote the necessary time and attention to correctly read your scan. A misreading can cause significant findings to be missed or result in a misdiagnosis that threatens your long-term health and well-being.

A Powerful Advocate For Medical Malpractice Victims

When victims of radiology errors are left with exacerbated medical concerns and diminished help, they can contact Hallberg Law, P.A., for powerful legal representation. For over 40 years, attorney Mark Hallberg has held medical professionals accountable for their inattention and negligence, securing compensation for his clients. We can advocate for your rights and effectively communicate your story either in negotiations for compensation or trial.

Understanding The Origin Of Errors

Such an essential part of the diagnosis process should not take a back seat to other demands, but many radiology errors originate from just that. They include:

  • Lack of communication between the radiologist and the treating physician
  • Understaffing resulting in a rushed image reading
  • Lack of qualified imaging staff properly trained to execute their tasks

Imaging Issues Can Lead To Mistakes

Imaging errors can cause medical professionals to overlook key items in the image, misdiagnose the observed condition or miscommunicate the correct findings to the treating physician. Several common imaging errors include:

  • Inadequate scan for the patient’s medical condition
  • Imaging does not include the whole site that requires investigation
  • Misinterpreting the patient’s issue or medical history before conducting a scan

We Will Listen To You

Medical professions regularly fail to listen to their patients or to fully value their input. You know your body better than anyone else, and you should be listened to. We firmly believe that many medical errors could be avoided if medical providers spent more time listening to you and your needs.

At Hallberg Law, P.A., lawyer Mark Hallberg values listening to your account of the situation. What you tell us informs how we build your case. We will carefully pair the information you provide with case evidence and knowledgeable expert testimony to form a robust case strategy that can secure results.

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